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Gamify your Customer's Shopping Experience

Give increasing rewards to your best customers as they engage with your store and brand.
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Create Tiers to Give Your Best Customers the Most Benefits

You are willing to give your best customers more. With tiers you can make sure that the rewards you are giving match the value of that customer group.

Set Milestones That Matter to You

Milestones are what determine when a customer enters the next tier.
Customer Revenue
Move customers through tiers based on how much they have spent at your store.
Points Earned
Combine your VIP program with a points program to encourage all sorts of profitable actions.
Rolling 365 Days
Set a 365 day period that customers must maintain in order to not drop a tier.
Allow your customers to always be pursuing the next tier motivating them to access rewards.
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Happy Customers

"Our customers know that the more they engage the better perks they'll receive with every new order. And let's be honest, everybody likes perks."

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Give Rewards that Work for Each Tier

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The best rewards change depending on the stage of a customer's journey. With, you can set unique perks and benefits for each tier.
List of Rewards
Percentage Off
Free Shipping
Free Products
Experience Rewards
Birthday Gifts
+ More
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Build Your VIP Program Your Way

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Mobile first UI
Your VIP program members have the same experience on mobile as they do on desktop.
Set Perks
Perks are rewards that you can add into your VIP program's interface that are rewarded outside of for ultimate flexibility.
Points + VIP
Combine a points and VIP program to offer extra rewards like accelerated points earning.
Custom Names and Images
Name each tier something unique and give it an accompanying custom image to reflect your brand's image.

Create a Rewards Program as Simple or Robust as You Like

A VIP program is just one program type that you can add as part of a bigger rewards program.
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Encourage profitable actions that drive customer loyalty.
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Turn existing customers into powerful marketers.
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Give increasing rewards to your best customers.

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